We are a high quality production house which provides visual and auditory media solutions for companies and individuals.

Our artists come from a variety of different backgrounds, allowing diversity of ideas to meet any creative challenge with quality, innovation, and efficiency. We are driven by the best technical and creative standard, working with the most passionate and hard working directors, designers, engineers, illustrators, composers, writers, photographers, and visual artists, to bring you the best product.

  • image_bulb brainstorm
    We establish a strong foundation for your project to achieve it's full potential.
  • image_setup Design and
    We plan how to approach your project in the most efficient and creative way.
  • image_develop Execute and
    We strive to develop your project past completion into brilliance.
  • image_deliver Complete and
    With such a small inner-circle, Optik Media is able to work twice as fast as most other media companies.
Our company specializes in almost all fields of media: audio, visual, traditional, and marketing. This makes us your only stop to get everything you want.

Optik Media strives to bring you the best image for your project; we work with a variety of artists and mediums, which means more stylistic opportunities for your choosing. We also take our technical ability very seriously, only contracting the best artists and creators in the market.

The Audio Department at Optik Media is constantly working to ensure the best possible sound in the worst situations; if you're in a concrete tube, don't worry, we've done that before. We also love to make our customers happy, and we ensure your stay in our studios will be fulfilling and productive.

The Visual Department strives to provide the best image for your needs, working with many different contracted artists your choice of style is practically unlimited. We also provide the best of technical standards, only working with the best professional artists to provide a completely unique and original product.

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This is where you start your journey. Shoot us a message for a free quote, or if you have any questions about our services, we are more than happy to hear from you!

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Audio Department: (214) 600-4914
Visual Department: (214) 490-8161

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